Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 12, 2011

FireHero Reignited The Flame Of Guitar Hero

I will admit that since Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock came out, I haven’t really played any title in the series. I beat Warriors of Rock, reviewed it, and it has sat in the office for a while.

Since then I have stumbled on this new fiery mod for the game, which has put the spark back in my interest to play the game. Called “FireHero,” the mod fuses Guitar Hero with a microcontroller which in turn powers relays that activate solenoid valves on five fire proofers.

What better way to get back into Guitar Hero than to play the game while every button press sends a flame shooting insanely high into the atmosphere?

This work came from the mind of Chris Marion, and he has decided to post a couple of videos demonstrating the rig, which you can see below. For full instructions on how to create this rig, or just to see how it works, check out Marion’s site here.

We’re looking forward to FireHero 2, which we imagine will have some colored flames that change according to star-power, and an insane battle mode.


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