Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 7, 2011

Rumor: The Kinect Causing Xbox 360s To Red Ring

Although Microsoft has tried with all their might, and even created a newer version of the Xbox 360, they just cannot seem to abandon the dreaded Red Ring of Death that plagues these popular consoles.

Reports from the BBC as well as posts from users on Xbox.com’s message boards, the red ring seems to be showing up for users who connect the new Kinect peripheral to their older Xbox 360s.

According to said posts, when the Kinect is installed and the update is applied, the screen will freeze, forcing the trio of lights to show on the console.

Of course, Microsoft denies every and all claims that the Kinect is the cause behind the Red Ring, stating :

“There is no correlation between the three flashing red lights error and Kinect. Any new instances of the three flashing lights error are merely coincidental.”

Really Microsoft? It’s all a coincidence when numerous people across the states seem to be having this issue? I know some gamers who have had their 360 for years and it’s never red ringed, while others have had theirs red ring three to four times within the same time span. Some people experience no problems with their old 360 and Kinect, all while others have nothing but issues including the Red Ring.

What about you?Have any of you had these similar issues?


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