Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 21, 2011

The Many Suits Of Isaac Clarke

Dead Space 2 is set to release in less than a week, and we know that all of you are just biting your nails imagining what horrors Isaac Clarke will have to trudge through on the Sprawl, the infested space station where the new title takes place.

If you’ve played the first Dead Space, then you know that Isaac wears a suit that becomes upgradable as you progress through the game. Well the sequel follows suit (pun intended) with this idea, and tweaks it just a bit in the visual department. We have gotten a hold of some of the suits that Isaac will be able to don while mercilessly dismembering many a Necromorph, and we’ve assembled them here for you all to see. All of these suits can be purchased from the store once you locate the schematic that unlocks it.

Engineering Suit

  • Armor: 5 percent
  • Inventory Slots: 10
  • Bonus: none

This is the basic suit Isaac wears. Once you start the game for the first time, this is the suit you will see him in. The suit offers minimal protection, but not much more.

Hacker Suit

  • Armor: 15 percent
  • Inventory Slots: 15
  • Bonus: One less turn needed when hacking consoles

Here’s a tip: this suit is only available if you completed Dead Space: Ignition. The suit is pretty laid-back, having Isaac don merely a T-shirt with a jacket, and the back of his head is exposed. The suit is pretty nifty visually, and it assists with hacks so it’s useful.

Vintage Suit

  • Armor: 15 percent
  • Inventory Slots: 20
  • Bonus: All store items discounted 10 percent

The Vintage Suit makes me think somewhat of the old Big Daddy suits from Bioshock. There’s a big air tank on Isaac’s back, and the suit looks quite hefty to wear. Despite the look, it doesn’t slow Isaac down one bit and it offers a discount on store items, so that’s a plus.

Security Suit

  • Armor: 10 percent
  • Inventory Slots: 15
  • Bonus: Wearing this suit grants a 5 percent bonus to Pulse Rifle damage

The security suit is, for me, the most visually interesting. The way the helmet is pointed, it kind of reminds me of a medieval knight’s suit of armor. The suit is a dark blue and has a security badge on Isaac’s arm that makes the suit look more defined that any of the other suits. While wearing the suit Isaac gets a bonus to Pulse Rifle damage.

Advanced Suit

  • Armor: 20 percent
  • Inventory Slots: 25
  • Bonus: Stasis recharge time is decreased by 50 percent

This is the end-all beat-all suit for your first playthrough. Besides the fact that it has the best stats, and has a decreased Stasis recharge time, this is the most visually-accepting suit for Isaac. It’s very form-fitting, and has the perfect sci-fi look to it.

So, based on what we’ve shown you, which suit do like the best visually? Which suit do you think will perform the best?


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