Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 6, 2011

This Makes Owning A Laptop New And Fresh Yet Again

Oh, Lenovo. You’ve been teased and prodded at for so long now with the idea that you’re the most boring computer company, and then you create this.

Pictured above is the Lenovo Arcade Cabinet, which turns your boring old laptop into a sweet mini arcade gaming experience. All that is required of you is to pop out the stick, slide in your laptop, and then game it up. It’s that simple.

The worst thing about this product, though, is that it’s not for sale. It’s true – Lenovo went and created this sweet arcade cabinet for CES, and it’s only for show.

Lenovo, you swine.

Check out the cabinet in action in the video below, then go spam the Lenovo site with comments and emails telling them to mass produce these. Then buy me one.


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