Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 13, 2011

Try And Beat This Gaming World Record

Just a mere 48 hours ago the Guinness Book of World Records awarded Jesse Moerkerk of the Dutch gaming magazine N-Gamer a world record certificate for Playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 for eighteen and a half minutes.

And he did it all while free-falling.

The record is brand spanking new, but it’s a record nonetheless. Taking place in an indoor skydiving wind tunnel, Moerkerk set this prestigious world record, and caught the whole thing on video for us to see. The Dutch gamer managed to hold control of Mario as well as himself for three and a half minutes beyond the fifteen that Guinness required to make it into the books.

Now that the record exists, though, I am sure that many will set out to break it. Still, Moerkerk will have the glory of knowing he was the first.

See him in action below.


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