Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jan 4, 2011

With Bulletstorm Everything Is Epic – Even Thought Processes And Showers

I don’t know what you all do while in the shower, and honestly I shouldn’t want to know. Either way, the fact is that we all have awkward shower etiquette. Mike Capps, however, does his most epic thinking while in the shower. The Epic Games President shares with us through the video posted below just how his mind works while he is washing his underparts.

The video is no doubt a play on the old Saturday Night Live “Deep Thoughts” skit. Honestly, it’s a great way of introducing a new way to promote your video game. Entitled “Bullet Points,” the video is sure to be just the first in a series. I will admit that I am a bit anxious to see more videos to see what Mr. Capps has to offer in the ways of thinking.

Plus, it’s a great motivator to pre-order the game by calling fans “dick tits”. Just saying.


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