Posted by Raine Hutchens on Feb 2, 2011

A First Look At First Strike For Black Ops

With the first of the month came a new DLC pack for Black Ops containing four new multiplayer maps, and a new map for zombie killin’. Join us in taking a first look into the content contained within the First Strike DLC.

You can see a bit of gameplay from the new maps in the video below. The new maps included are Stadium, Kowloon, Berlin Wall, and Discovery. Here’s a brief description of each map:

Staduim is centered around a huge hockey/ice skating rink. You can’t make it out on to the ice, and the map is kind of drab.

Kowloon is modeled after the Hong Kong mission in the campaign. It’s a small map, with a lot compacted inside of it. Kowloon is the new map that includes the zip lines, and while they are a cool idea, they are actually very deceptive. There isn’t much of a reward for using them, and they leave you hanging like bait.

Berlin Wall is a different map than what you’d expect to find in Black Ops. The map is comprised of “dead zones” which lie in the center of the map. These zones mean almost imminent death when a player crosses them. They are lined on the radar by a big red markers, and on the map they are surrounded with auto-turrets. When a player enters these zones they are shot at, and a siren rolls letting other players know someone is there. The map does have a few good sniping and hiding spots for picking guys off, but it’s dangerous.

Discovery is the largest map of the set, taking place in a research facility. It’s divided right down the middle by a deep chasm that has only one way across – a lone ice bridge. The map is home to a lot of spots that offer a tactical advantage, and it provides for a lot of strategic plan points. Once players get past the huge chasm in the middle of the map, I think they will see that Discovery is a great addition to the game.

First Strike also offers a new co-op multiplayer map for the Zombie mode. Ascension, as it is aptly titled, sends players to the bottom of a missile silo, and leaves it up to them to fight their way to the top to the power switch. Players will have to open doors and fight cooperatively in order to survive this new map.

All in all, the First Strike DLC is worth the purchase. If you enjoy having more maps to play on (Discovery and Kowloon make this DLC easily worth it, not to mention Ascension), then hopefully this first look helped you out.


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