Posted by Raine Hutchens on Feb 24, 2011

Dead Space 2 “Severed” Details, Release Date

The first set of DLC for Dead Space 2 is called “Severed,” and it stars two characters from Dead Space: Extraction. Players will be able to get their hands on this DLC on March 1st for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

The pack will add two new complete chapters to the game, putting players in the boots of Gabe Weller. Here’s what to expect in the new DLC:

“This digital pack will take players through the haunting story of Gabe Weller, who fans will remember from the award-winning game Dead Space Extraction. As a security officer, Weller comes equipped with a one-of-a-kind security suit and an upgraded, more powerful Pulse Rifle that will help him unleash his own blood-curdling adventure across the Sprawl. Lurking behind every corner is another bloodthirsty monster but the big surprise for Weller (and fans) is the return of the Twitcher, a grotesque enemy who first appeared in the original Dead Space game.”

On that same day players will be able to download some new goodies for Isaac to use throughout the game. These packs include:

Dead Space 2: Martial Law Pack, 400 MS Points, $4.99

  • Earth Gov Bundle (Earth Gov Security Suit, Earth Gov Pulse Rifle, Earth Gov Seeker Rifle, Earth Gov Detonator)
  • Bloody Bundle (Bloody Vintage Suit, Bloody Flamethrower, Bloody Javelin Gun, Bloody Force Gun)

Dead Space 2: Supernova Pack, 400 MS Points, $4.99

  • Forged Bundle (Forged Engineering Suit, Forged Plasma Cutter, Forged Line Gun, Forged Ripper)
  • Heavy Duty Bundle(Heavy Duty Vintage Suit, Heavy Duty Line Gun, Heavy Duty Contact Beam, Heavy Duty Detonator)
  • Agility Bundle (Agility Advanced Suit, Agility Rivet Gun, Agility Plasma Cutter, Agility Pulse Rifle)

Dead Space 2: Occupational Hazard Pack, 400 MS Points, $4.99

  • Hazard Bundle (Hazard Suit, Hazard Line Gun)
  • Triage Bundle (Triage Suit, Triage Javelin Gun)
  • Shockpoint Bundle (Shockpoint Suit, Shockpoint Ripper)

Severed will cost $6.99/560 MS Points. Be sure to pick this one up, it’s not one you will want to miss.


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