Posted by Raine Hutchens on Feb 1, 2011

Dracula Finally Gives In To The Whipping, A Bit Too Much

After years upon years of the Belmont family abusing him to a pulp, Dracula found a special way to deal with the pain that comes with facing the family.

I just never thought it would be turning to S&M.

Some would argue, “Well, what else does Dracula have to do but get whipped by the Belmont family?” To that I say, ha! Dracula is a busy man! He has damsels to swoon, minions to dwell over, and a very expensive mansion to keep up with. I suppose that eventually he needed to find a way to unwind, and maybe getting whipped has turned into his own thing, right?

In the new Dorkly Bits video we see exactly how Dracula deals with the Belmonts now. Check out the video below.


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