Posted by Raine Hutchens on Feb 16, 2011

Felicia Day Becomes Tallis In Dragon Age Webseries

Felicia Day, perhaps best well known for The Guild webseries, isn’t waiting around for work. She is currently donning her elf ears, daggers, and studded leather armor in the new webseries based off the Dragon Age video game.

Day is playing Tallis, an elf assassin who is hired by the Quinari to track down a wanted rogue mage who has his mind set on wreaking havoc across the land. She is joined by a misfit band of heroes who don’t exactly get along, but they band together when they need to get the job done.

Internet gaming site io9 spoke with Day in an exclusive interview about the webseries as well as her thoughts on the project. To see the interview, be sure to head over to io9’s site here.

I know I am excited for the webseries when it hits the web later this year. Are you?


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