Posted by Raine Hutchens on Feb 19, 2011

Weekend Artist Featurette: Del Borovic

While at Ohayocon 2011 I had the pleasure of meeting an artist by the name of Del Borovic. I noticed how smooth and different her artwork was, and I immediately found myself perusing her prints. I was completely drawn in by the unique path from pencil to paper she took, not to mention the spot-on cell shading and color I saw in many of her prints.

We began conversing once I saw a print that had a young man on it, dressed in a military suit. It was a portrait of a pale, blonde-headed man with powder blue eyes who reminded me of Viktor from the Underworld movies. I complimented her on the amazing job she did with her work, and we began speaking about fan art. I asked her if she had ever given any thought to doing art for video games, and she replied with something that sort of startled me.

“I’ve given it some thought, yes, but I have received much criticism for my art. Some say that it’s too cartooney, while others have said it’s too comic-like.”

I couldn’t believe it. To me, Del’s art was perfect for video games. I really liked the work she put into each character, telling a story with one single print. I told her that I thought her work had that gritty, comic book look, which was perfect for the types of games I like. Her work reminded me of games like Infamous, Cause of Death, Tansformers: War for Cybertron, Crime Craft, and World of Warcraft. I was amazed at the amount of detail she put into each piece of work that she produced.

I explained how I felt that this work is exactly the kind of work that game companies need to pick up on. The colorful and detailed, yet gritty pieces that Del produces are exactly the kind of basis that I would love to see a game built from.

Once our conversation was over, and it was time to head home from Ohayocon, I was lucky to receive an email from Del. She provided a link to her deviantART page, where I stumbled on a handful of video game fan art like you see above. Del produces quite extravagant digital pieces of art, and even takes commissions. Want to see yourself in the Halo world? Del can make that dream a reality. Want to see your favorite characters in a different light? She can do that, too.

Del Borovic is quite the artist, and if you have the time I urge you to check out more of her work – you can go to her deviantART page here. Not only is she a talented original artist, her fan art is top-notch. I swear, someone needs to give this young lady a job, and quick! I want to be the first to play a game drawn from her art!

[The images used in this post are copyright to Del Borovic, and only used with her permission.]

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