Posted by Raine Hutchens on Mar 29, 2011

3DS Facing A Black Screen Of Death Issue?

The 3DS is now in the hands of people across the world, so the system is getting played on a wide scale. It seems now, though, that some players are experiencing a “black screen of death” error when attempting to play some games.

From what we’ve seen, the issue doesn’t seem all too widespread, but those who have experienced the issue have recorded it happening with numerous games such as Ghost Recon, Street fighter, Monkey Ball, and Lego Star Wars. The screen appears at multiple times, whether online, in game, in the settings menu, or just after powering the system on.

In some cases a system reboot has fixed the issue, in others the handheld had to be returned to Nintendo after repeated messages.

We’re waiting to hear back from Nintendo on the issue, so stay tuned. Have any of you experienced this issue?


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