Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 12, 2011

Back From The Past, The NES Controller Coffee Table

The Nintendo Entertainment System controller coffee table has been recreated time and time again, and each recreation has it’s own specific flair that makes it unique in its own right. Reddit user Cybergen has a friend named Jocke, and he was looking for a coffee table. After searching and not finding something to his liking, he decided to make one. Pictured above is the end result.

The table cost $200 in materials and Jocke put in around 70-100 hours of labor, but needless to say the time and money were definitely worth it. The coffee table even works as an actual controller for the NES system.

My favorite part about the piece is the amazing 8-bit artwork that’s placed around the bottom of the table. It really brings the whole piece to life. For more pictures and information on this great project, head to the Reddit post here.


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