Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Apr 15, 2011

Mionix Unveils Backlit Mechanical Keyboard

When it comes to pro PC gamers, they rely on not only their awesome skills to win games, but also the best hardware. After all, if your keyboard can’t keep up with you, then what’s the point? With this in mind, its no surprise that mechanical keyboards are the go-to choice of most such players. They have a faster response time, the ability to register a number of different keystrokes at the same time, and more.

Mionix has decided to get into the mechanical switch game by offering up their Zibal 60 Gaming Keyboard. This keyboard is one of the very first to offer both mechanical switches and individual backlights for each key. Until now, it’s been one or the other. Unfortunately the trade-off is that you are limited to 6-key rollover, as opposed to n-key. This is because they are using a USB connection, whereas most other mechanical keyboards use the PS2 interface. It’s very rare that I have to hit more than a few keys at the same time, so it’s certainly not a deal-breaker for me. Look for it in June for $150.


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