Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 29, 2011

Need For Speed: The Run Announced By EA

EA has posted an official teaser trailer for their new entry in the Need For Speed series. The new game will be called Need For Speed: The Run, and it looks to be a bit different than the other titles we’re used to. Most of the games in the Need For Speed series focus more on underground racing, rally racing, and just the cars in general. The Run, however, looks to operate a bit differently.

Need For Speed: The Run appears to put more focus on the drivers that operate the flashy vehicles in the game’s world. The trailer shows us clips of San Francisco, New York, and Denver as police officers, trains, and renegade racers fly by in the distance. The trailer also shows us a specific driver in what appears to be a flipped-over sports car.

No real details other than the trailer have been released about The Run, which allows for some speculation. In the trailer we see text that states, “The Race of Your Life.” Could this possibly involve some insanely high stakes that we’ve not seen before? What do you think?


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