Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 27, 2011

Newest World of Warcraft Patch Adds New Guild and Dungeon Features

Just yesterday the newest patch for Worl dof Warcraft, Patch 4.1, was released, and it has added quite a bit of new features to the game. Many classes and professions got tweaked, and some quests received updates that were much needed. Two of the more noteworthy features, however, are the new Guild Finder and Dungeon Finder: Call To Arms features.

Finding potential guild members has always been a difficult process. Some players are just too talkative with nothing interesting to say, while others are too silent and won’t help out in raids. It’s not easy finding the perfect balance in a guild mate. The newest patch adds the Guild Finder feature allows guild leaders and un-guilded members to search for each other, potentially leading to an initiation. This way, it’s easier to talk to those players who are itching to join a guild versus staying in a main city and spamming the general/trade channels.

The second feature I wanted to talk about is the new Dungeon Finder: Call To Arms feature. This is a new feature that’s aimed at reducing the amount of time players spend in dungeon queues. This is especially a great idea considering it can sometimes take hours of waiting in a queue to actually get into a dungeon. How the new Dungeon Finder works is superb. Basically it detects exactly which class roles are the most under represented in the queue and puts out a call for all players that match that class role. It’s essentially the player who stands in the middle of Orgrimmar and spams, “LF one moar tank and then G2G for ICC”. It’s designed to start up once wait times exceed more than one minute, which should drastically reduce queue wait times. Also, the new feature bestows rewards for players who heed the call and participate in a random level 85 dungeon.

These two features seem to make the new patch the best yet, although some classes did get “nerfed,” or dumbed down. For the full set of patch notes, head here.


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