Posted by Braxton Colongione on Apr 11, 2011

Review – Raptor M3x Gaming Mouse

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When I first saw this mouse I wasn’t too impressed, compared to other gaming mice it was lacking the initial wow factor that draws you to it. The M3x offers an on the fly DPI adjustment, however you must pick between eight predetermined settings (no customizing here). The eight options are associated with a colored LED so you would have to memorize which color coincides with what DPI. The DPI selection is on a cyclic system, in other words you have to cycle all the way through to get to a lower DPI. I found this irritating, and almost counter-productive.

The mouse also features two buttons on the side which are completely non customizable, I’ve only found them useful for going forward and back on my web browser.  The M3x also has a “permanent” fire button, which all I can seem to get it to do is the same as the left click. Another thing that bothers me is when I click the back of the mouse tends to raise up. As for comfort, I feel like my hand sits to high and the grooves where my ring and pinky finger are supposed to sit are two small and not in a natural place. I thought the problem might be my big hands, so I had a friend with smaller hands try it, and she couldn’t reach the buttons to click and when she moved her hand close enough to reach them it almost flipped over.

So now that I’m done ranting about my issues with this mouse, I now get to mention the few things I like about it. It glides over most surfaces with smooth precision. I used the M3x on three surfaces, my oak desk, an aluminum mouse pad and the glossy cover of one of my textbooks. I was surprised to see that it had the same smooth feeling on all three surfaces. There are also four removable weights, but they are not centered, which may be causing some of the rocking issues. The only thing I found the M3x to do well was first person shooters, and it does those with little or no glitz and glamor. The smooth feeling was great for every FPS I tested it on. However what good is a mouse that can only do one thing well?

So what is my final word? After a week of using this mouse I could not wait to be done with this review so I could go back to my normal mouse. The M3x is uncomfortable, has useless features, but has a great smooth feeling on most surfaces and is great for FPS’s but only FPS’s. It’s not the worst mouse I have ever used but it’s by far not the best. For $60- $75 I find it overpriced for what you get. So if you want a new mouse for everyday use look elsewhere…unless all you do is play FPS all day every day.

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