Posted by Raine Hutchens on Apr 26, 2011

PSN Outage Update – Redbug Firmware Rumored To Be At Fault

The PlayStation Network has been down for six days as of today. Sony has announced since the outage that the reason for the incident is due to an “external intrusion” into the network which has caused a complete rebuild of the network that is still unfinished. It looks like now, though, that we have a bit more information into the issue that could give us a specific entity at which to point the finger for the outage.

Former PSX-Scene moderator, “chesh,” stated via Reddit that the network outage is the result of a custom firmware project mod for the PS3. Known as “Codename: Redbug,” the custom firmware allowed users the ability to log into the PSN as if they were doing so on a developer console (known as a debug unit). As a result of this, as chesh says, the firmware made it possible for users to add funds to their PSN accounts from a “dummy” credit card, giving them the ability to “unlock” certain PlayStation Store content.

Since the announcement, there have been numerous tutorials popping up all over the net detailing the exact process on how to use the firmware from start to finish. Now Redbug doesn’t allow users access to any credit card or personal information from other users, so nothing is being taken from them. the only thing that is being “taken” is the content from the PlayStation Store. Sony is still investigating the matter as theft of property, however, they are trying to rule out identity theft as part of the overall investigation.

We are still awaiting word from Sony on whether this is the truth or not, as well as when the network will be up and running again. At least we now have a possible lead for why the issue came up in the first place. A request for a comment from Sony has been submitted, however the company has not responded. We will stay on top of the issue and report back as soon as possible.


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