Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 31, 2011

GLaDOS As A Potato, A LEGO Potato

Reddit lurker baboubouma introduced us all to this wonderful creation of his, which touches our hearts. This is none other than GLaDOS, the antagonist of the Portal series, in her potato form. What’s even better is that she’s also in LEGO form.

There weren’t any LEGO blueprints or materials lists posted, but we can see from the photo that this must have taken a bit. This isn’t the first in baboubouma’s LEGO creations, as you can see many more of them on his Reddit page.

I think that LEGO should seriously consider creating a specific line of LEGOS for games. I mean, MEGA BLOKS made the Halo series come to life in toy form, so why can’t we have some Portal-themed LEGOS as well? What do you think?


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