Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 18, 2011

Infinity Blade Receives Update That Adds Multiplayer, Survivor Modes

This Thursday the sword-swinging iPhone phenomenon Infinity Blade will be receiving quite the update. The new update will add an all-new Arena Mode, which allows for 1v1 multiplayer through Game Center.

Another new mode will be rolling out with the update, called Survivor Mode. This new game mode will challenge players to last as long as possible against a long run of Titan battles. A handful of new weapons, armor, and items will also be introduced to the game, including holiday-themes helmets. Facebook integration will also show in the Thursday update, allowing players to take screenshots and upload them directly to the site.

The “Arena” update will be free of charge this Thursday, and it is sure to be the most notable update yet. How many of you out there have Infinity Blade? Are you looking forward to the multiplayer? If so, I’ll see you in the Arena.


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