Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 6, 2011

Lara Croft Plays Her Own Game’s Theme Song On Violin

Youtube user lara6683 is anything but a simple pretty girl. She likes to take talent into her own hands – literally. In the video below you can see her playing her own Tomb Raider Theme on that nice looking violin.

She actually does quite well. It’s one of those few videos where you know what’s going on, but you want to watch until the end anyway. Also, even though she has quite a different hair color than the Lara Croft that we all know, her costume is put together well.

This just goes to show you that there are some cosplayers out there who offer more talent to their roles than just putting on a costume. I would love to see more cosplayers like this, especially when music is involved. Are there any out there that you’ve seen? Be sure to check out the video below.


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