Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 9, 2011

Learn To Use The Super Meatboy Level Editor In This Handy Tutorial Video


Of course the Super Meat Boy level editor has just released for the PC version of the game. The editor is still in its beta stages, and we assume it is a bit to handle this early in the game. Luckily there is a handy tutorial out there that can get you on your way to becoming an epic level editor in no time.

Youtube user souldescen has created six videos for our viewing – and learning – pleasure, all centered around the level editor for Super Meat Boy. Throughout the videos he explains what each little button does, and how to use the functionality of the editor most efficiently. Through the tutorial, players can get a feel for how the level editor works, as well as become familiar with each tool at your disposal.

Much love to souldescen for creating such a useful set of videos for all of the Super Meat Boy enthusiasts out there. Now we can have even more insane levels to attempt to conquer, and lose more countless hours trying to not rip our hair out. Check out the first tutorial video below, and for the rest of the videos, head on over to souldescen’s Youtube channel.


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