Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 12, 2011

NBA Star Immortalizes His World of Warcraft Character On His Skin With A Tattoo

Andrei Kirilenko is a free agent in the NBA who was most recently with the Utah Jazz, and he’s definitely achieved epic nerd status with what you see above. What makes Kirilenko awesome in his own right is the fact that he’s an avid player of the popular MMO World of Warcraft. This full back tattoo is a symbol of this guy’s love for the game, and it’s sincerely epic.

It appears that the image is an interpretation of Kirilenko’s level 80 paladin upon his mount. The image stands out well, and it’s sure to be gawked at in whichever locker room Kirilenko spends his time in.

Honestly, I wish I would have thought of this myself. It would be awesome to have a tatt of my shadow priest on an epic black dragon, right across my entire back. Of course I would be forever chastising myself as an uber dork, but that’s the price one pays for his love. Am I right?


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