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Review – Thermaltake Black Element Wired Gaming Mouse

Product Information

MSRP: $64.99
Interface: USB Operation System: Windows 7/Vista/XP
Number of Macro Keys: 9 Sensor Engine: 6500 dpi
Sensor Type: Optical Laser Cable Length: 1.8 meters braided
Body Dimension (LxWxH): 123.8×66.7×41.6mm Coating/Finish: Water Resistant Black

If you’re an avid PC gamer, then you know that your peripherals mean just as much as the internal hardware when it comes to gaming performance. Players look for response, functionality, and comfort when it comes to the tools they use when gaming. Thermaltake put this idea into action when they rolled out their eSPORTS line of gaming hardware, and we’ve got an item from their peripheral section to check out – the Thermaltake eSPORTS Black Element Gaming Mouse.

Look and Feel

At first glance, the Black Element Gaming Mouse looks both sleek and very stylish. It is coated with a rubber finish, which allows for a sturdy grip which won’t get your furious palm sweat all over the mouse. There is a rubber grip on the left side of the Element which has a razed surface, allowing for a thumb grip that enhances control. The ergonomic design of the mouse makes it a perfect fit for almost any size of hand gamers wield. The slick surface coating the underside of the Element also makes it possible to slide across the mouse pad quickly, with no lag or pull.

The Element also includes a Pause-Break Lighting System which allows for the switch between up to 5 different colors on the mouse’s built-in LEDs. Players can choose from red, aqua, navy blue, green, and pink. The lights are bright enough that gaming in the dark is no problem while using the Element. The track wheel is coated with the same rubber surfacing, making it easy to scroll no matter the amount desired. The wheel itself is shaped like a gear, ensuring for a non-slip experience whenever using the mouse. With the grips, rubber coating, and the direct placement of the macro buttons, the Black Element is definitely a mouse that’s easy to get comfortable with using.


The Black Element is another USB laser mouse, so installation is easy. All that’s required from players for use is literally just plugging the mouse in. On most systems, the drivers will be found and installed immediately. Thermaltake also offers a downloadable interface which presents users with a whole batch of settings which can be tweaked to your desire. The interface provides 5 customizable profiles, each with 9 macro keys. Each key can be programmed for a macro, or single-key commands, which can then be used in whatever game you decide to play. Users can then save each customizable profile and switch between them on-the-fly, making the mouse a very versatile tool when it comes to hardcore gaming. With 128kb worth of memory storage within the mouse, the Element quickly becomes a great peripheral to have when jumping between your favorite PC games.

The Element has an on board dpi engine that allows for the cycle through each dpi setting from 100 to 6500. This is a great feature because it allows for customizable dpi selections whenever you need them. I noticed that the dpi I needed varied between games, and it even varied again when I was using the mouse for normal work on the PC. There are two dpi buttons right under the scroll wheel that can change the dpi up or down depending on the button you press. This is great because you don’t have to constantly hit the button to cycle through the preset dpi settings like other mice. With the Element you can switch directly to the setting you desire without wasting time.

The only issue I experienced with the Element came late in my testing phase. Once I was using the mouse for about three weeks or so, it started responding erratically when I tried to use it. It began to either not function at all, or sporadically jump over the screen like I was shaking it on the desk. Also, whenever I tried to move the mouse left across the mouse pad, it continued to go up instead of left. This made it difficult to play some games, especially if I was in a tight situation. It became very frustrating and I couldn’t seem to remedy the situation. I tried cleaning the mouse out, cleaning my desk and mouse pad, and disconnecting the mouse but it continued to provide the same issue. I still have not figured out a solution to the problem


The Thermaltake eSPORTS Black Element Gaming Mouse isn’t a bad mouse for its buck. For $65 you can’t really beat it. Although I did experience an issue towards the end, I can’t say that it was all due to a fault of the mouse. Other than the one issue I found the Element performed great and I still continue to use it. If you’re out in the market for a new gaming mouse, I would recommend the Element to you, because every gamer needs a versatile tool in their arsenal. This is probably the best peripheral for your money, and you’re sure to get your money’s worth.

The Good

  • Sleek rubber grips make for easy control
  • Ergonomic design makes the mouse comfortable to use
  • LEDs allow for gaming at all times of the day
  • Easy setup and user interface makes the Element a versatile tool for any gamer

The Bad

  • Unable to remedy the movement glitch issue
  • Extremely light mouse, even with all included weights

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