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Review – Thermaltake eSports Shock One Gaming Headset

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Product Information

MSRP: $119.99
Cable length: 3m Connector: USB
Headphone: Microphone:
Driver unit: 40mm Directivity: Bidirectional with noise cancellation
Frequency Response: 20Hz~20 KHz Impedance: 2.2 k ohm
Impedance: 32 ohm Frequency: 100~10KHz
Sensitivity: 114+/-3dB Sensitivity: -45dB+/-3dB
Max. input: 100mW

Thermaltake has been pushing out accessories for their eSports Gaming line, and they continue going on strong. Gaming headsets come and go, but when you find the one that works you just know it. Today we’ll be looking at that type of headset I’ve found in the Thermaltake eSports Shock One Gaming Headset. This headset has everything packaged into one what you’ll need to get your game on.


One of the first things you’ll notice about the Shock One is the way it looks. The ear pieces are square, while most other headsets will have enlarged circular pieces which can sometimes be uncomfortable. I found the Shock One to be very comfortable, especially after looking at the fact that my head is quite large. The headset comes with an extra pair of ear pads that you can switch out, allowing you to use either cloth pads or a type of leather pads. This was something I found pleasurable because depending on the temperature, players will want to use different pads.

The cord on the headset is rather long, but not too long that it becomes annoying. It’s got plenty of plug-and-playability as it connects via USB, making it a great piece of hardware to take with you when gaming on the go.

Unlike other headsets I’ve used, the microphone on the Shock One is stationary, folding down when needed to be in use. I liked this feature simply because this caused the microphone to actually not be an obstruction. I never had to worry about putting it further away or out of my view – I could just fold it back up when I didn’t need it. The only issue here is that if you are used to the microphone being on the right side of your head, that isn’t possible with this headset due to it being stationary on the left side.

Still, the headset was completely comfortable on my head. I was able to maneuver it easily, and got it to stretch out to the perfect size to wear. The Shock One has adjustable sliders in the top head piece that allow for larger or smaller specifications when it comes to comfort. It also folds up easily making it take up very little room when not in use.


The Shock One is what you call a “plug-and-play” headset. Connecting through USB, there’s no setup required on your part. I plugged the headset in, and the drivers were installed immediately. You can also get the drivers from Thermaltake’s website, and they’re even included on a CD that comes with the headset.  the only issue I had with this, is when I plug it in, it takes a bit to register. Let’s say I am listening to my PC speakers, and then I decide to switch to the headset. There is about a five to ten second delay for the PC to acknowledge that the headset is plugged in. This may be normal, but I’ve not experienced it before.

Along the connector cord is a small control box which allows you to control the headset volume, microphone volume, mute the microphone, and even mute the headset. You can also use it to turn the LED lights on the box on and off, and even lock the buttons so they won’t function when pressed. There’s also a slip on the box which allows you to clip it to your shirt, or anything else you may have for convenience. The Shock One was plenty loud, and had an amazing sound system built into it. I was really pleased with the overall quality of sound I received through the headset, and the ear pads worked well at cancelling out background noise.


The Thermaltake eSports Shock One Gaming Headset isn’t at the top of the boards when it comes to features, but it gets the job done with amazing results. Gamers out there everywhere will be happy to purchase this headset, plug it in, and get straight to their gaming with amazing sound quality. The Shock One looks sweet, with its black and red color scheme, and it even comes with LED lights for controlling the sound when in the dark. For those of you out there who are looking for a one-punch knockout of a headset that you won’t have to replace for a long while, then the Shock One is your best bet, and my personal choice.

The Good

  • Comfortable
  • Plug and play friendly
  • Great sound quality

The Bad

  • Annoying lag delay when switching between the headset and speakers
  • Microphone stationary to one side of the headset

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