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Review – Thrustmaster Ferrari 430 Scuderia Limited Edition Wireless Gamepad (PC, PS3)

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Product Information

MSRP: $39.99
Power Output: 2.4 GHz Power Source: 2 AAA Batteries
Works with both PC and PS3 Progressive triggers that are programmable
Optical wheel for precision-angle gaming Fully programmable
Plug-and play set up Memory Button for numerous key mapping

Thrustmaster has been one of those companies that has slipped under my radar for quite some time. They are a company that makes Ferrari-themed gamepads for the PC and PS3, and since I am not the biggest car fan out there, I will admit I’ve overlooked them. We recently received their Ferrari 430 Scuderia Limited Edition Wireless Gamepad in to the office, and I was the lucky one who got to test this baby out. After playing around with it for a while, I have to say I am quite pleased, and I will have to keep an eye out for Thrustmaster in the future.

The Look

At a first look, the 430 Scuderia controller is just loud. It’s bright colors definitely make it stand out among the rest of the controllers I have here in the office. Its setup is just like the normal PS3 controllers out there, however the 430 Scuderia includes longer handles and a new optical wheel, which is something I’ve never encountered before. the optical wheel is basically a dial that sits right up on the D-Pad. It has a top piece and a bottom piece that allow it to spin up or down, which in turn make the controller “steer” to the left and right. This wheel is mainly for driving games, but it works out very well for what it’s intended.

The handles on the controller are longer than that of the normal gamepads out there, which was something else new I encountered. Honestly, though, I really enjoyed this. I liked the way the controller felt in my hands. It fit tightly and very comfortably in my huge mits while I was playing, and it quickly became my preferred controller to play games with, whether it be an FPS, racer, or RPG.


The 430 Scuderia functions as a wireless controller for either the PC or Playstation 3 system, and setting it up is a breeze. All that’s needed is for the wireless pack to be plugged in via USB, and there is a switch on it that needs to be set to the specific platform you’re playing on. Just simply flip the switch to the PC or PS3, and begin playing. The wireless picks up immediately and before you know it you’re good to go. Of course on the PC most games will require specific button-mapping, but I am sure that PC gamers are accustomed that sort of thing.

When I was using the controller I found it to be much more accurate than others. The analog sticks were tighter, which basically means that they are not as easily moved as others. This made for better aiming, and tighter precision when moving and such. This is a feature that I feel is important when gaming.

Something else nice about the 430 Scuderia is the set of dual progressive triggers it sports. The “R2” and “L2” buttons are formed more like triggers, and they press in heavier at the bottom. This makes for easier button presses, and your fingers are less likely to slip than on a normal controller. It’s a lot easier to get precision shots and grenade tosses while using the 430 Scuderia versus normal gamepads.


If you’re looking for a new controller that is both inexpensive, yet functional, then the Thrustmaster Ferrari 430 Scuderia Limited Edition Wireless Gamepad is the controller for you. With precision analog sticks, the awesome progressive triggers, and the new optical wheel, you surely can’t go wrong. Not to mention the controller has elongated grips which I found to be the best feature offered. The battery life was great, and I never had an issue while using this gamepad. The 430 Scuderia comes with easy setup, and performs at top-notch quality. I definitely recommend this controller to anyone looking to game with comfort and style.

The Good

  • Colorful and unique design.
  • Plug and play functionality makes the controller easy to use.
  • Elongated grips, redefined triggers, and a functional wheel make the controller stand out against the rest.

The Bad

  • Only comes in one style.

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