Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 13, 2011

Rumor: ‘Followers’ Shown In Leaked Diablo III Video

The video you see below was supposedly leaked from the Korean region of Blizzard Entertainment. It depicts some footage of Diablo III, the long awaited entry in the PC RPG series, showing off the game’s follower system. The follower system allows players to hire characters to aid them in the long journey they face gaining assistance in hacking up the monsters that plague the area.

From the footage we see that there will be a few different follower classes to choose from including Scoundrel, Templar, and Enchantress. The screens in the user interface suggest that players will be able to equip weapons, trinkets, and rings on these characters as well as choose different skills for them to use throughout their time with the main character.

The user who has posted this video on their Youtube account states that Blizzard has made this official after confirming the leak, which is exciting. Of course Blizzard hasn’t announced anything this way yet. We’re still keeping our ears open, and we will let you know what comes our way.


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