Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 6, 2011

Rumor: PlayStation Network To Be Hacked A Third Time

According to a post on CNET, the PlayStation Network could be hacked, yet again, for a third time. The post detailed word of an attack by hackers that’s to come this weekend. This third hack is supposedly going to be in response to how Sony has handled the previous intrusions into their network, although I can’t gather much sense from that.

It looks like the plan for the hack will be to publicize some, or all, of the data that was found by hackers on Sony’s servers. This could potentially mean credit card numbers, financial records, user passwords, and more.

At this point this is just a rumor, and no one knows if there is any seriousness behind the mention. Since no one has taken credit for the previous hacks, there’s no one to point the finger at. Sony announced that they found details that Anonymous left in their system, while Anonymous denies any and all involvement in the situation. Sony has yet to respond to CNET about this issue.


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