Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 23, 2011

Rumor: The Penguin To Make His Entrance In Arkham City

For quite some time Rocksteady has been dropping subtle hints that The Penguin would be involved in Batman: Arkham City. In the game’s teaser trailer, the Iceberg Club was shown, which is the notorious nemesis’ hang-out spot. According to ArkhamCity.co.uk, Dax Grinn recently let slip some informtion about Penguin’s role in the upcoming title, and the Marketing Manager even slipped out his very first image to the Australian Sunday Herald.

Grinn was quoted in the site’s transcription of the interview saying, “The way that penguin has always been portrayed is as quite an aristocratic, well-spoken gentleman who’s got these twisted delusions of grandeur.” He added, “So we’ve made him a really horrible, nasty piece of work – but still with the delusion of grandeur. He dresses well, but in a poor taste, and we’ve made him this brutish, brutal guy but also key into collection fascination that he’s had through out the years.”

Rocksteady themselves have yet to confirm the report, and we are awaiting word from them on this. What do you think about The Penguin? Do you think he could play a crucial role in the upcoming crimefighting title?


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