Posted by Chasity Edens on May 12, 2011

Say Goodbye to Lineage

After a good ten+ years of game play, the MMORPG Lineage will be officially permanently shutting down all North American servers as of June 29th. Publisher NCsoft explains that they are “no longer financially viable in the West.” There is some good news to this, however. But only slightly.

Lineage pre-existing users will now be able to play the game for free until the cut date. Users who have had good standing in the game will be re-activated, and players will also be reimbursed for time already bought. New accounts are unable to be created.

NCsoft is making their last two months worth while to their members. They reported to have lots of fun activities and great events planned for their goodbye to their faithful players. NCsoft has already stated, “We want to give you every opportunity to make all of your remaining Lineage dreams come true. We hope that everyone will stick around to have fun with the game you love in the time we have left.” At least they’re going out with a bang, and not slowly dying out.


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