Posted by Chasity Edens on May 10, 2011

Subscriber Amount of World of Warcraft Decreases

Has hell frozen over? Or have thousands of World of Warcraft players somehow found real lives away from the screen? Whichever it is, World of Warcraft’s subscription amount has dropped exceedingly since the newest Cataclysm release.

Two months before the Cataclysm expansion was released, subscription amounts was up to 12 million. But today the amount has dropped to 11.4 million, which means a total of 600,000 people dropped their amounts. That’s an estimated total of about 9 million dollars lost.

Does this mean the end for the world-wide popular MMORPG? So far it seems that, no, it’s not. Despite the loss of 600,000 gamers, there are still a steady playing field of 11.4 million people (an estimated income of about 171$ million, if my math serves me correctly). And if that’s not enough man-power for an MMO to run on, then I don’t what would keep it alive.


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