Posted by Raine Hutchens on May 6, 2011

Super Meat Boy Level Editor Is Finally Live

After many days of waiting in anticipation, players can rejoice. The Super Meat Boy level editor is finally available via Steam. Now players can try their hand at crafting mind-breaking levels for the adventure platforming title.

The level editor is still “technically” in its beta stages, and “probably will be for a long time.” Team Meat’s Edmund McMillen made some notes via a blog post detailing a bit more about the editor. He goes on to say that “some users may encounter ‘minor issues’.” With the exceptions of boss battles and warp zones, though, players can still use the level editor to create anything seen in the game while the editor is still in beta.

McMillen even goes on to mention in his post, “think of this as a thank you to all the awesome fans who sent us cool shit, nice emails and created amazing levels with devmode. If you bitched us out because the free level editor was delayed, you should probably not update your game and burn in hell.”

Sort of spicy, isn’t he?

McMillen also noted that the actual game will be updated next week to add a few missing features and fix some nasty bugs with the editor. Once this happens, the PC version will be run on its own while the team works on porting Super Meat boy to the Mac. The team also is looking forward to game number two, whatever that will be.


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