Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 8, 2011

A Quick, Closer Look At Some PlayStation Vita Accessories [E3 2011]

With the PlayStation Vita just being announced, a lot of gamers wanted to know what they could expect to accompany the handheld when it arrives later this year. Down at the Sony booth there were a handful of accessories laid out for us all to see. There were memory cards, cases, and chargers all on display, and they were arranged neatly for us. No information was displayed on these items, but they still look cool.

The Vita will not be using the old PSP UMDs, as it will be taking a new game medium all together. This new medium comes in the form of game cards, much like the SD cards that the system uses to save data. The game cards will allow the ability to not only save game data on them, but add-on game content as well.

With cases already being produced, there’s no reason to worry about packing your Vita for travel. Sony really wants to make this new endeavor the highlight of the handheld gaming industry, and I think they’re quite well on their way. After seeing the images above, what are you looking forward to about the new PlayStation Vita?


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