Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 8, 2011

A Tad More Details On Minecraft’s Voyage To The Xbox 360, Including Kinect [E3 2011]

Easily one of the biggest announcements at Microsoft’s E3 conference was the fact that PC gaming hit Minecraft is coming to the Xbox 360. Not only will it be coming to the console, but it will offer Kinect support as well.

Not many details were given, but we were able to locate a few more pieces of information that accompany the announcement. Microsoft noted on a press release that Minecraft will “feature cross-functionality between the PC and Xbox 360 versions.” What this means, right now we don’t know. This could mean that game and world saves will be transferable between systems, allowing players to continue their adventures no matter which platform they’re on. What we do know is you need the best Minecraft adventure servers to explore more worlds.

A lot of players are skeptical about the game integrating Kinect, as they wonder exactly what the peripheral will bring to the game. I believe that playing Minecraft using a controller won’t be too bad, though using motion controls could take away from the game.

Also, in a post on Reddit, Notch stated that the 360 version of the game will not be a direct port, and he will personally continue to develop the game on the PC. This means that Mojang will still be working on the new version, though it will be a different team.

Minecraft is set to hit the Xbox 360 sometime during this winter, and no specific price or date have been given. I think that adding the game to a new platform could be a great idea, as long as the company does it right. What do you think?

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