Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 7, 2011

Adding A Little More Detail To The Old Republic [E3 2011]

BioWare hasn’t exactly too forthcoming with details about the new MMO, The Old Republic, which fans everywhere have desperately been waiting for. Luckily, though, EA held a little get together at their booth today at E3, where they gave us just a little more insight to the game. Though there’s not too much to talk about, there are some key elements that I think players will find as suitable answers to their questions.

First off, let’s talk story. The Old Republic takes place thousands of years before the events of any of the movies, yet hundreds of years after Knights of the Old Republic. The game features eight classes, each with their own unique storyline, and way of progression. Adding to the game’s story are characters that are fully voiced, making this the first fully-voiced MMO to hit the market.

The Old Republic will introduce raids, called “Operations” which offer some end-game content. Players will be able to explore the galaxy using their personal starships, as well as engage in space combat in many different systems. BioWare intends to offer many hours of gameplay through various different world quests, which take players all around the galaxy.

Characters will be able to choose from one of three progression paths to follow depending on their class. They will also choose to follow the light or dark path, which will influence later gameplay. With the inclusion of late-game raids and heroic combat, The Old Republic continues to promise MMO greatness when it releases, which will possibly be sometime next year (though it has been mentioned that the company is looking to hopefully have the game completed by the end of 2011). These are the few details provided by EA at their booth, and we look forward to seeing more.

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