Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 29, 2011

Bodycount Now Has A Release Date

Bodycount, the very stylish shooter from Codemasters, now has an official release date. Players can pick up the game for the PS3 and Xbox 360 on August 30th.

For those whop don’t know about Bodycount, it’s a new FPS that promises tons of bullets, co-op domination, destructible environments, and the perfect gameplay presentation that everyone looks forward to with a shooter. Players take the role of John Doe, a soldier dragged out of retirement by an outfit by the name of The Network. Drugged to the point of unconsciousness, he awakens several thousand feet above a torn battlefield in Africa, free-falling headfirst into a warzone. The goal? Survival.

Check out the E3 footage of Bodycount below to see a peek at its ballsy in-your-face action. It looks to be a shooter that isn’t just a boring, repetitive title, like we’ve seen a lot recently. I am sure it will be a great game, as it’s coming from the creator of Black, another great FPS which debuted back in 2006. What do you think?


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