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Bungie Gives Back


From hurricane Katrina to the earthquake, in Japan Bungie has always been ready to lend a helping hand. So what’s the next step? A lot of good came from Bungie’s separation from Microsoft, but in my opinion nothing better than the Bungie Foundation.

The Bungie Foundation is Bungie’s way of giving back. The foundation takes a percentage of Bungie swag profits and puts it towards “reducing the distress and suffering of children.” What does that mean? It means that Bungie has a current program called iPads for Kids Beta. The program takes that profit percentage and uses it to purchase iPads and load them with age appropriate material; they then take the iPads to children’s hospitals so kids can have a better, less stressful time during their recovery.

Bungie always stood out as a game development company if not for their games, for their humble beginnings, but the Bungie Foundation really hits one out of the park in my book. Way to go Bungie on Giving back when so few other companies do.


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