Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 8, 2011

Check Out The Ryse E3 Trailer [E3 2011]

Below is the E3 trailer for Crytek’s new Kinect title, Ryse. As mentioned in Microsoft’s conference at E3, Ryse is a new game which uses the full breadth of Kinect’s features to offer a gameplay experience like none before it.

Players become a legendary Roman warrior, fighting for his life in an all out war. Gamers everywhere have been asking for a Kinect game that hits core gamers at their hearts, and I don’t think you can hit that nail much more on the head than with Ryse.

Just in case you missed any of the game’s footage, now is the time to feast your eyes. Ryse offers unique gameplay, pitting the player’s entire body as a weapon in a fearsome battle for survival. No release date has been given for the title.

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