Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 7, 2011

Details On Nintendo’s New Console – The Wii U [E3 2011]

Easily the biggest announcement at Nintendo’s E3 2011 Press Conference, and possibly the entire event, is the reveal of their new console – the Wii U. The new console introduces a brand new controller, which includes a 6.2-inch touch screen that allows gamers to put what they would see on the big screen right in the palms of their hands. Players are no longer strapped to their televisions with the new console, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here are the long-awaited details of Nintendo’s new Wii U.

The new Wii U console introduces the new controller, which adds a lot of brand new features to how players interact with their games. The controller can display information on its screen that is not shown on the television, such as inventory screens, different viewpoints, or whole games all together. The viewpoint shown on the controller’s screen can also change based on the orientation of its gyroscope. Also, in multiplayer games the screen on the new controller acts as an actual gaming screen for the player, allowing the other players in the game to see something completely different. This avoids taking up too much screen space with split-screen play. In addition to the screen, the new controller also features an accelerometer and a gyroscope, a rumble feature, an inward-facing camera, a microphone and speakers. Adding these features to the Classic Controller button scheme – two analog Circle Pads, +Control Pad, A/B/X/Y buttons, L/R buttons and ZL/ZR buttons – will enable a breadth of game-play experiences while appealing to both casual and dedicated video game players.

At the conference, Nintendo made mention that the Wii U supports full HD graphics, but that was all. It was just a mention. Right now that support is just speculation, as no details have been given about the actual console displaying HD graphics on your television. The system will be backwards compatible, meaning that all Wii games and accessories can be used with it. All Wii remotes, Wii Remote Plus’, Zappers, and the rest of the Wii accessories out there will ready for use when you bring home your new Wii U.

Out of the box, the Wii U will include the console, the new Wii U controller, and all cords necessary to connect it to your television. All previous Wii Remotes will be usable with the new system, so there is no need to purchase new ones. Right now the console’s release date is set for some time in 2012.

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