Posted by Braxton Colongione on Jun 8, 2011

Fruit Ninja Kinect Trailer Debuts At E3 [E3 2011]

If you are addicted to to Fruit Ninja but hate being limited by a small screen your in luck, this week at E3 the Fruit Ninja Kinect trailer was released. This means that you can put your ninja skills to work by chopping fruit into pieces on the big screen.

In case your not familiar with it, Fruit Ninja is a game on mobile devices where you slice and hack at fruit that fly across your screen, gaining points as you go. The game can be a lot of fun and relativity addicting. From the looks of the trailer, it appears to show a multiplayer mode which will be fun and a little risky if you ask me. (Having two people on the same screen whacking at fruit can get hazardous.)

I am actually pretty excited for this game. I really like Fruit Ninja on my phone, although I am slightly apprehensive about how well it will work, but only time will tell if the game will be as fun on Kinect.


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