Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jun 20, 2011

There’s Still Time To Get The Ocarina of Time 3D Soundtrack

As many of you know, Club Nintendo ran a special promotion where gamers who picked up the Ocarina of Time 3D title were eligible to receive a copy of the game’s soundtrack for free just for registering the game through the club. A lot of fans were doing so right after the release of the game, but many ran into a problem.

Many gamers did as they were instructed by Club Nintendo, but they weren’t receiving the confirmation emails from Nintendo themselves. Soon after these reports came in, the website crashed. Since this was a first-come-first-serve offer, the lack of communication on Nintendo’s end was very bothersome and aggravating. To this point, readers reported that only a call to the Nintendo Customer Service line would resolve the issue. And it was on a Sunday.

Today, Nintendo went ahead and updated the webpage for the offer, extending the cutoff time to “midnight, Pacific Time on Monday June 20, 2011.” After some research and word back from Nintendo, this means midnight tonight. There’s still time, so get out there and get your copy!


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