Posted by Braxton Colongione on Jun 7, 2011

UTV Ignition Games Announces New Lineup [E3 2011]

Today at E3 Ignition Games announced 7 new titles debuting on iOS, PC, Wii and 3DS Xbox Live Arcade and PSN. They all range from trivia games to third-person action games. With the wide array of genres being put out by Ignition, one can only wonder if all their titles will succeed. Here’s a quick look at all the titles to expect from Ignition Entertainment this coming year:

Collapse: Devastated World, PC (Early 2012)

A third-person action title based in Europe in the year 2096, 83 years after a catastrophic event that brought forth monsters, paranormal events, and elite military personnel colliding into one another on our planet.

The game will lead you through the post apocalyptic, strange world. Collapse: Devastated World is said to have gripping close combat, and long range battles, complete with a rich storyline.

National Geographic Challenge, Wii (No release date announced)

A Quiz oriented game where single player or up to four players can explore history, see the extraordinary extent of humankind’s milestones and accomplishments, while answering questions to claim territories.

Fractured Soul 3D, 3DS (Early 2012)

A platform title with 20 Reality bending levels spread across five distinct worlds each with its own challenging aspect. Each level is also timed and ranked to promote re-playability.

Magical Drop V, PC (Late 2011)

A quick-thinking, reflex testing puzzle game with up to four players, local and online. The game also offers remixed music, HD graphics and a new game mode to put a refreshing spin a good classic.

Planet Crashers 3D, 3DS (Early 2012)

A quest oriented easy going RPG, with endless character customization and multiplayer modes. In the game you step in the shoes of a young cadet from the acclaimed Planet Crashers Academy on her first assignment. Planet crashers is reported to have intuitive gameplay, intriguing quests, and a versus mode that will take full advantage of the 3DS system.

Quarrel, iOS (Late 2011)

Players will take charge of 5 troops consisting of cavemen, ninjas, pirates, and battle to create high scoring words. The game looks to be different, and we will have to wait and see just what it has in store for us.



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