Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 12, 2011

An Automatic Disc Changer Now Exists For The Xbox 360

Ben Heck, a well-known modder in the gaming community has been at it once again. This time he brings us something that I know all console gamers will drool over, especially if you own an Xbox 360. I must urge you, though, to save your “please take my money” pleads for later.

In his latest endeavor, Heck set out to make changing up your games much easier with a special disc changer for the 360. He is solving the problem that many gamers have had for years, which is the issue with actually getting off the couch to change a disc when you want to play a different game. Heck used an old-school Pioneer (he has a Sony as well) disc changer, and modded it in such a way that it performs admirably whenever you want to change a game disc.

The situation ended up with Heck taking the 360’s DVD drive and replacing it with the Sony CD changer, which has been heavily modified. He not only achieved exactly what he wanted with the mod, but he also found a way for the 360 to run more efficiently. Most of the heat was taken away from the system, and it ended up being able to run longer without much hesitation. Check out the full video of the mod below, and tell us what you think. Now is the time for your pleas.


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