Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 20, 2011

Darksiders II Extended Announcement Trailer Re-Launches

The folks over at Vigil Games have decided to re-release the original launch trailer for Darksiders II, this time extending it to offer more footage. This is especially cool since this is a game that fans definitely want to see more of, and Vigil seems happy to deliver.

Darksiders II follows the story of Death, the brother of the horseman featured in the first game. It takes place during the first title, as Death tries to clear War’s name and protect him from the Charred Council. It’s packed with more dungeons, better combat, and more of an open-world feel.

The trailer’s extension shows better narration, more gameplay clips, and more of Death talking without a mouth. Honestly, the game looks better in every way from the first one, and I am excited to see more about it. It’s set to release in 2012, so get a bit of it now by watching the extended trailer below.



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