Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 26, 2011

Get A Load Of The Dead Island Trailer Theme Live

Composer Giles Lamb took a trip to the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and while there he decided it would be a great time to whip out his piano and offer up a live performance of the theme music from the original Dead Island trailer. You know, the one that made you cry? Say what you will, but we know you shed some tears.

You can see a video of the performance below, but I will warn you that the trailer is shown first. I warn you because the trailer is rated PEGI 18. After the trailer Lamb talks about his thoughts on the song, and how he wanted fans to feel when watching the trailer. If he wanted depressed and creeped out, he took the cake. Twice.

The performance, although a bit muffled, was pretty good. I enjoyed watching the performance, and I kinda wish I was there. As a fan of Dead Island, it would have been a great experience to be there during their live show. The trailer was a work of art, and it spoke volumes without uttering a single word. Check out the video below, and tell us what you thought about the trailer.


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