Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 21, 2011

Get More Life Out Of Your 3DS With The Hyperkin Powerplus

The 3DS from Nintendo has a lot of fans across the globe, but the one things that all these fans have in common is their dislike towards the system’s low battery life. You’re right in the middle of an amazing dungeon in Zelda, and all of a sudden the handheld just powers off on you. Did you save? Heck no, right? You’re a hero! But what will you do now? Start all over?

With Hyperkin’s newest accessory for Nintendo’s handy little system, you can get more battery life without sacrificing your system’s look. “The 3DS Powerplus is an affordable and convenient way of extending the battery life of the 3DS when you’re on the go,” said Steven Mar, Hyperkin’s Business Director. “Its sleek form factor and rubber coating make it incredibly comfortable to use over long periods of time.”

Here are the features of the new Powerplus accessory:

·        1800 mHA
·         Sleek, 1/4″ Design
·         Lightweight (2.2 Ounces)
·         Battery LED Indicator
·         Full Access to All 3DS Functions
·         Improved Grip

The Powerplus will only set you back $25, and it’s great for when you’re traveling. Players can expect to get at least double the current battery life using the accessory, which makes it a necessity for hardcore gamers out there. To find out more, head to Hyperkin’s website here.

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