Posted by Rob Jiang on Jul 28, 2011

MLG Anaheim Preview

I had the opportunity to visit MLG Columbus, which happened this past June. With record breaking stream viewers and also close to 20,000 people actually at the event, there was no way I would pass up on the opportunity to go to MLG Anaheim while school was still out of session. At the helm of e-sports, Starcraft II currently controls one of the largest movements in the history of gaming. Anaheim will be a spectacle that you should not miss out on.

MLG Columbus marked the first trial of the Major League Gaming and Global Starcraft League (GSL) LXP, short for League Exchange Program. As a result, players in the United States finally received the opportunity to meet some of their most inspiring heroes. These heroes, of course, were the Korean professional gamers, where Starcraft has grown from just a hobby to a living and lifestyle.

The format of the event is a bit complicated. Being as Anaheim is a Pro Circuit stop, the past players who have performed very well on the circuit are awarded points, which play a direct role in to seeding for future events. There is a championship pool play as well as an open bracket. Essentially, the top 24 players will be engaged in some gut wrenching pool play to determine their seeding for the elimination tournament, while new and amateur players will be forced into a lengthy open bracket. On Saturday, both of these groups will meet in to a final championship bracket.

This weekend, watch as players from North America, Europe, and Asia compete for another chance to be considered gaming royalty. Alongside Starcraft II, you will be able to watch live game play of the Halo Reach and Call of Duty Black Ops tournaments as well. For more information on MLG Anaheim’s Pro Circuit Stop, tune in to GamerFront, as we will be providing pieces and recaps of the event. The MLG website (www.mlgpro.com) will also be providing live streams and updates.

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