Posted by Raine Hutchens on Jul 13, 2011

Some Details On PlanetSide 2 From The Developers, In Video Form

Not too long ago PlanetSide 2 was announced by Sony, though there weren’t many details on what to expect just yet. Taking it upon themselves, Sony decided to get the developers involved to go over some details about the upcoming FPS for the PC.

The video still doesn’t provide us with a release date, but we do get some information on how the game will perform, and what to expect gameplay-wise when it finally does release. A panel of SOE President John Smedley, Creative Director Matt Higby, Art Director Tramell Isaac, and Technical Architect Ryan Elam take a few moments to talk about the delivery of the new MMO FPS.

We learn about new maps, how the game will improve on combat locations on each map, and how different points on the maps will offer a huge advantage to turn the tides of battle. Check out the entire video below, but I warn you, you’ll need some time. It’s almost an hour long. That’s enough time to get some much-needed details, right?


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