Posted by Chris Scott Barr on Jul 6, 2011

XFX Releases Revolutionary War Pad

When I’m gaming on my PC, I not only want to have the gear that will perform the best, but also that’s going to be comfortable. After all, it doesn’t matter how well you perform, if you’re uncomfortable the whole time, it will eventually catch up with you and drag you down. Well, that’s exactly the idea that XFX had when they designed the War Pad.

The War Pad is a unique mousepad that doesn’t just sit on your desk like others. Instead of sitting at the edge of your desk, it actually curls underneath and clips on. This design does two things. First, the fact that there is no harsh edge means that it is going to be more comfortable. Your wrist isn’t going to be sitting on a hard desk corner for hours on end, instead, the pad is rounded downward and provides a more comfortable surface. Second, the clip is going to make sure that the pad doesn’t move at all while you’re playing.

The pad measures roughly 17” by 14”, so as to provide a nice big surface for mousing. It also rolls up nicely for taking to your favorite LAN. You’re going to pay a bit extra for the convenience and comfort, as it will currently set you back $50 (regular price is $55). However, I think that the extra features are worth it.

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