Posted by Braxton Colongione on Aug 24, 2011

Gears For Your Thumbs

Some of us have always had trouble with out out thumbs slipping off the thumb sticks. But fear no more, Kontrol freak has you covered. Come September you can snag a “geared” up thumb stick accessory for under $20.


Kontrol freak has recently debuted the Gears of War 3 thumb stick attachments which are perfect for fanatics of the game. They look pretty cool, and are raised for comfort. They also feature the Cog Gears of War symbol on them as well, which will let other players know you mean serious business. The look rather comfortable and are available for purchase on September 13 for $13.99.


I have always really liked game themed accessories, and these are pretty sweet. I mean what Gears fan wouldn’t want to have some Cogs under their thumbs for an extra bit of morale?


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